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Alternative To Myspace: Tagworld Social Networking For All Age Groups

MySpace is the most popular social networking website available right now over the internet. MySpace attracts visitors from all walks of life, in all age groups and with all different types of interests. Although the site is a great way to network, it has negatives that I believe are enough to persuade users to move on to alternative social networking venues, depending of course on what you want to get from a social networking website.

What’s wrong with MySpace anyway?  MySpace has a large user base, the load up time for their site during certain times of the day are horrendous. You might not even be able to access your page due to the large amount of traffic on the site and depending upon on computer’s speed.’

Advertisements and multi-media video ads crowd MySpace from front page to back page. This slows your load up time, and also hinders ease of navigation through the site. No one likes to be bombarded by ads!! If the account of the person will become Instant Famous, then they can eliminate the advertisements from the account. The loading time of the photos and videos will be reduced through the elimination of the ads.

Every uses MySpace, from your parents to your employer. If you are looking for a space to let loose or venture on your own business motives, MySpace doesn’t give you much privacy. In addition to the down side of MySpace’s popularity causing you problems with possible employers, you parents, your friend’s parents and your ex-boyfriend whom you don’t want to know every aspect of your current life, it also attracts perverts, weirdos, and half naked model wannabes. You can also set your profile to private to avoid attracting creepy individuals, it is still a risk you take depending upon the amount of trouble someone wants to go through to view your page.

Advertisers and spammers love MySpace. If you’re a part of MySpace, I bet you get some kind of spammy message, friend request or comment from companies, advertisers and web cam pornography. This isn’t just annoying, but it’s quite possibly offensive and detrimental to your level of comfort when it comes to morality.

In the news recently, passwords, profile information, user names and images from MySpace users were leaked onto seclists.org. The hosting company responsible for seclists.org pulled the site offline right away, but security issues are still concerning no matter what level they are on. Read the full article here: GoDaddy Pulls Site Offline Due to MySpace Security Issues

These are just some of the recent problems with MySpace, and why it might be time to take your internet social network to another venue.

TagWorld is a new social networking website, similar to MySpace, offering their users ease through their functional interface, multiple media options and also an alternate method to network for personal, business or a combination of both.

Benefits of Tagworld Include:

First of all, of course it is free!

Site has a great interface, and allows users to represent their own TagWorld site, that you might actually be proud to call your own! It’s got that really great Web 2.0 look about it, and personally I just enjoy navigating cleaner, prettier websites. It also makes it really easy to customize your website without using other editors and layout adjusters. You can edit the font, background color, and even change templates and themes!

You get a REAL blog, dissimilar from MySpace’s blog that is basically just a place to post comments and receive feedback. It has its own templates, you can control multiple settings, and is very easy to navigate and control.

You can upload and control music and video media with ease and intuitive functionality. Tagworld has their own music section set up like a podcast radio station allowing users to search through music, listen to music, download and upload music.

The Tagworld chat functionality is light years past MySpace’s, and you can also view currently available to chat users and contribute to group chat rooms.

Additional functionality and easy fun little applications called webwidgets. Tagworld Webwidgets are dynamic, customizable mini-applications that can deliver a variety of rich media and personalized information such as games, media players, content, news, weather and video.

From the Tagworld site:

TagWorld is run by a dedicated team of tech, music, and video junkies. We believe in enabling you to interact with your content like never before in a drag and drop environment. TagWorld believes in giving you complete freedom over your online world, with the storage capacity (1 GB free) to take advantage of the technology.

It’s a fun site to join, and although their user base isn’t as large as MySpace, it is a great opportunity to network with those who have your same interests, build your own site with music and video and begin a new social networking horizon!

Sign up for Tagworld here!


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