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7 Instagram Marketing Rumors

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms that are out there in the market. You get excellent exposure with a proper and efficient marketing strategy. If you are a business owner and want to scale your business online then you should always learn more about likes followers and views so that you can make full use of this free social media platform. There are various myths and rumors that are out there about the marketing strategies that people follow. Here are some of the most common myths that you hear about.

  • It is often considered that personal profiles are much better and efficient as compared to business profiles as you try this amazing platform. However, this is not true at all, as you switch your business account to a personal account you instantly get a better platform that is suitable for your business. All those people that are using Instagram for anything besides uploading their personal photos should definitely make this switch.
  • As confirmed by Instagram, your post’s popularity is solely related to its creativity and likes which is why you should always create a relevant and engaging post. This is the only way to increase your reach. Moreover, as you switch to a business profile you get many business-oriented tools that you can use to improve your business as well. 
  • Another thing that you always hear is that you should never use that many hashtags as it might look like you are spamming and would not help you with your marketing. However, this is not correct at all, as Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags you should always use them properly as that is going to help you in expanding your audience reach. You should always use relevant hashtags that not only describe the picture that you upload but should also consist of hashtags that will allow your target audience to find you more easily. 

  • Using third-party tools in order to schedule your post is a really good and organized way that you can opt for. As the common misconception about this process dictates that as you use post automation tools you limit your user engagement and Instagram might take some action against your account as well. This is not true at all as there are several tools that are affiliated by Instagram and are accepted by Instagram so that you can get a seamless and safe experience in your marketing process. 
  • Buying Instagram followers is a big NO to all those thinking about it. As people or business owners think that they can improve the credibility and reach of their accounts as they buy followers. This is a really bad practice for all those starting their Instagram profile. You should always try to get real and engaging followers which is the only way through which you can create a credible and popular account. Using such followers is also against Instagram’s policy which is why you should be focusing on building customer relations more than anything else.
  • People often find it really difficult to drive their customers to their Instagram which is why they feel like it is not the best way to drive website traffic. However, in reality, it is just a little difficult to do so but as you get more proficient with your account and create a credible reputation among your followers you will find out that it is more than easy to drive your Instagram traffic to your website.
  • In order to get better results on your posts to make sure that you use them properly and efficiently. This way you get more interactive and engaging posts for your followers that will allow you to get much better responses as well. 
  • It is often believed that automation is a really good way that you can use in order to grow your Instagram account at a rapid pace. This not true at all as the more you use automation tools the more you affect your customer engagement. Moreover, Instagram also tries to block such things as they want a social media platform that is authentic and genuine as well. As the software detects any automation the account linked faces penalties.
  • This is why you should always get someone to handle your account rather than relying on automation tools.

  • Is it often believed that Instagram is all about great content which is also true to some extent as well but you should always know that user interaction is the second half to create a successful account on Instagram. You should create engaging and relevant content for your user and thereafter you should invest your time and efforts to make that content more accessible and discoverable by your target audience. 

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