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6 Tips To Select The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine

Most of men and women in recent times want to stay away those unwanted hair in different parts of their body. Different techniques were used for this purpose like waxing shaving, threading which are painful expensive and much time consuming as you need to visit a salon for most of the cases. But now it is easy to achieve that permanent hair removal at home with much less cost and also as per your convenient time. For this ease, we need to thank IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technique and Laser hair removal technique which can be easily accessible at home in recent times.

But since these laser hair removal machines are easily available now a days but that does not really mean that you can buy any machine that is available in the market. An extensive research is highly essential before taking any decision and also making a choice for a particular one. You need to look for the best hair removal device that can be used at home. The best home laser hair removal devices can be a smooth solution if you’re tired of shaving and waxing. In this article we are going to discuss how the best laser hair removal machine can be selected. Below mentioned pointers must be considered while doing the same.

Features of the machine

To start with there are various features of the different machines available in the market and the price of the machine also varies depending on the same. So before making any final decision it is very much important to decide the feature important for you and buy the one accordingly.

Whether the machine is compatible with the skin and hair colour

The machine’s compatibility with the colour of the skin and hair is an important factor to consider while making the choice for the machine. Basically this type of devices works best on the skin types which are naturally white or slightly dark skins. Generally with regards to the skin color this machines offer treatments mainly on skins with phototype I – IV. People with dark skin (Type VI) are deprived of this procedure due to the high risk of burns.

Size of the application window

Before making a choice for the device, it is mandatory to know the parts of your body that you need to treat. The application window is a glass surface which comes in contact with your skin while using the machine. If the application window is wider, it will cover larger area. Thus when trying to treat wider areas like legs, back, it is recommended to choose a device with wider treatment window. While if you are willing to treat only the face, armpits then you can select devices with small window. Thus considering these will give you an effective, fast and comfortable treatment session at home.


It is highly suggested to look for a device that is fully approved for consumer use. All home based devices must have inbuilt safety features which will always prevent the light beam to fire unless the handset is in full contact with the skin. This feature in turn will prevent your eyes against the damage from the powerful light.

Some devices also have a special feature of specially filtered safety glasses. Similarly there are also some machines which have an additional feature of entering security code each time they are willing to use the machine. Thus safety always comes first while making a choice for the device.

Modes of Power supply

Mainly there are 3 types of machines available in the market: mains powered, battery powered and those which have both the power modes. The devices that are mains powered offer high and constant supply as compared to the ones with battery powered as sometimes powers can be reduced in the later cases. So the best choices would be to go for a device with both the power modes.

Replacement parts

Most of these devices require replacement of its parts, so it very much important to consider the parts replacement cost prior buying the device. For if the cost of the parts replacement becomes higher than the initial cost of the machine, and then it will definitely turn out to be a false economy.


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