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4 Best Induction Cooktops Of 2020

Induction cooktops are a bliss. They utilize electromagnetic energy to transfer heat straight to your food which helps to cook up your plate much faster than gas cooktops. Are you planning to invest in an induction cooktop this time? Now, there is no dearth of these advanced cooktops in the market but then not all would be suitable for you. Thus, it is crucial that you checkout expert reviews on induction cooktops just as you check an expert guide on grill burners at https://raymond-nh.com/ while buying grills. Much to your convenience, the post below offers a brief on the best induction cooktops you may try out the coming year.

Cafe CHP95302MSS

This is a very balanced option when you are looking for an induction cooktop that has got all the main features that you want in your cooker. Boasting a 30” width, the cooktop contains four elements of varied sizes. Three of these are high-powered and sports great touch controls. Then, the cooktop also carries griddle pan that will enhance your cooking capabilities. And yes, mention must be made of its classy trim made of stainless steel that adds a glam quotient to your kitchen.

In regards to heating range, the cooktop has earned rave reviews for its versatile range that allows both low-heat and high-heat capabilities. You will also find the cooktop in a bigger 36” model that carries 5 elements.

GE Profile PHP9036SJSS

You have quite a big induction cooktop here which will be great for cooking for your in-house parties. Featuring 36” width, the cooktop comprises of 5 heating elements- 1 is 6”, 2 are 7” while you also have two other elements that are 8” and 11” respectively. Of these, the 11” burner assures a powerful 3,700 Watts. the wattage of other heating elements range from ar4ound 1,800-3,200 Watts.

A fantastic mix of value and quality, the Profile cooktop comes with integrated user-friendly touch controls which could be locked easily. Thus, if you have a kid back home, you will have the peace of mind knowing that he won’t be able to start the cooktop accidentally. Mention must be made of in-built heat sensors in the cooktop that assures the most precise range of heating needed for each food you put over the cooktop- in respect to pan size. If you have to use larger griddles or pans, you can use the 7” burners with SyncBurner control. The cooktop also features indicator light that works to warn users about hot cooktop surface.

Then, you will also be glad to know that cleaning the cooktop is just a breeze thanks to the smooth classy glass surface of the induction. It comes with a solid warranty of 1 year.


This is another great induction cooktop you might try out in the coming year.

The BOSCH beauty sports 4 burners that can heat at both high heat and low heat and that too with perfection. Not only, this model is sure to amaze you with intuitive and friendly touch controls.

One of the most important features of the BOSCH cooktop is surely its advanced AutoChef feature. This edgy feature allows users to set preset and programmable cooking settings to enjoy convenient customized cooking. Then, you should also know about the induction cooktop’s Auto-Sizing feature. This great feature is meant to make place for pans and pots of varying sizes to meet the unique requirements of users.

Duxtop Portable 8100MC Cooktop Burner

Do you have a transferable job and you always look for easily portable appliances? Well, if this is the case then this Duxtop portable marvel would be just the thing for you. This is a single eight inch burner which is able to operate at ten power levels, ranging from around 200- 1,800 Watts. In regards to temperature, the available range is around 140-460 degrees. You have a smart and compact induction cooktop here which can easily fit tiniest of studio kitchens, dorm rooms, hotel rooms or campers.

Despite being portable, this Duxtop cooker carries all essential features you need in a standard induction cooktop. It can automatically detect presence of a cookware as well as adjusts heating element as per pan size. You will also love its in-built countdown timer which can be preset for up till 170 minutes. The control panel is easy to use as well.


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