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4 Amazing Trips You Could Take If You Didn’t Buy Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you are now contemplating your list of holiday gifts for your loved ones. By this time, you might be having a hard time looking for the perfect gifts for your friends and family members because you’ve been giving them holiday gifts for the last years on their birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday season. Also, with the continuous increase of prices of different products and items in the market, managing your budget is another dilemma.

But gone are the days when giving gifts is the rage of holiday season. Today, there are a lot of ideas and activities to spend your holiday in a non-traditional way and in a new perspective. You want to know what? Well, if you are going to compute all the money you spent in buying holiday gifts, you can probably be able to go on an amazing trip. Surprised? You heard that right and to further enlighten you, here are some of the amazing trips you could take if you didn’t buy holiday gifts.

Grand Canyon and Sedona’s long weekend

Some of the amazing spots and views in the American southwest can be found in the northern part of Arizona, a place with mind boggling innate beauty. Sedona and the Grand Canyon can provide you a magical landscape when they are perfectly paired together. First, Sedona offers you magical red rock cliffs and buttes as it is known as the vortexes where wide variety of energy elements align to create and provide you with powerful spaces to relax. Secondly, after dealing with the amazing spaces of Sedona, you can head directly to the Grand Canyon.

Andalucia, Spain

If holiday season is better with historic ambiance and Spanish sun, Andalucia, Spain is the best place for you to visit. Thus, this magical place is the home of historical and architectural arts and design. There is also a lot of breath taking places and destination in this place.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Spending your money to an amazing trip instead of buying holiday gifts can bring you to the beautiful coastal of Oaxaca, Mexico. This is the place where amazing turtles, pure sand and beautiful sunsets can be found. It is also a paradise where you can taste a lot of impeccable Mexican food. You can visit footy trips website for more ideas on how to spend your day in the coastal of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Cartagena, Colombia

Another great destination to spend your money for holiday season is Cartagena Columbia. Cartagena is the most famous Colombian destination because of its good food, bohemian vibe and one of the most popular beaches in Latin America. Additionally, you can also discover the photogenic walled city of Cartagena.


Gauging the experience of visiting some amazing places versus the holiday gifts on holiday season. It is fair to say that visiting breath-taking places is more worth it. Not only it provides you a place to relax and discover new things but it also gives you an opportunity to experience the innate beauty of the above destinations.


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