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3 Major Mistakes To Be Careful Of While Choosing Your Mover

Are you on the lookout of movers chicago il of late? It could be that you have got a new job and you need to shift your residence. It could also be that you have got a bigger commercial space for your office and you need to move real soon. Well, whatever be the reason behind your move, you will always need the assistance and support of a moving company. With moving services rising in high demand, there has been a mushroom growth of moving companies around. And not all of them would be equally great for you. Those who hire a mover for the first time are often seen to fall for some wrong turns which prove to be disastrous at times. The post below offers a brief on the common mistakes to be mindful of while choosing a moving company.

Choosing in a rush

Your mover is certainly one of the most important aspects of your relocation. It’s the movers who will be handling your office equipments or home valuables while on the move. From safe packing to timely delivery of your belongings at your new location- a lot of things depend on the movers. Thus, you need to be really careful about choosing the right mover. If you choose one in a rush, you are most likely to end up with an inexperienced or unprofessional mover. It’s because, here you are not giving yourself the right amount of time required to choose a reliable mover. As you are short of time, you will be forced to settle with the very first mover you come across online. And, there is no guarantee that the first one you find online is the right one for you.

To avoid such woes, it’s always advised to plan early. Moving is an elaborate phase and your mover will be associated with almost every aspect of it. The mover too would need to view and plan how to pack your things, the rates, the route to take and a lot of other things. So, if you plan early, you will get some time to choose the right mover. On the other hand, your mover will also get the room to plan things meticulously for the best move.

Not going for on-site estimate

This is one of the worst mistakes one can do while choosing a moving company.

Although you can get quotes from the moving company online today yet that doesn’t mean that’s the best thing to do. The final moving costs are calculated based on a lot of things- your entire inventory, any special packing instruction, possible obstacles and so on. Many a times customers are shocked to find an inflated amount on the final which is way higher than the original quote. Now, this is not always the problem of a mover. If you only stick to online quotes, your mover won’t be able to send you the most precise rate. It’s because when you do things online, you can always send a virtual inventory list. But, you can’t mention the little details that matter the most and may influence the price.

Thus, it’s always wiser to ask your mover to come for an on-site survey at your premise. This way, the mover will have a clear idea on the tasks to do and the requirements to be followed. You will also get a fair opportunity to discuss the probable obstacles and other little details with the mover that might influence the move.

Focusing on the lowest price

We all look for a lower rate and nothing wrong with that. But, you should remember two things here. One, quality charges a price. Two, dirt cheap rates could mean a slash in quality as well. It’s one of the stupidest mistakes to settle with an incredibly low rate which seems too good to be true. So, yes, you will look for a lower rate but if a mover’s rate appear to be around 30-40% lower than the market rate, consider a red flag. There could either be hidden charges or a solid compromise in quality.

You should always get a comparative study on at least 4-5 movers before making the final choice. Your chosen one should enjoy solid market reputation and a solid BBB rating.


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