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10 White Elephant Gift Ideas: Practical And Unisex

The holiday season has arrived and you have been invited to a gathering. It has been requested you bring a white elephant gift and the rules are that the gift must be something others would want, no tacky rubbish. So you may now be looking for white elephant gift ideas that would be welcomed by men and woman and are gifts that most people would be happy to get. Here you will hopefully get some inspiration with the following white elephant gift ideas.

Picture Frame

This is a white elephant gift that no one would be upset about. Just stick to simple frames without decorations. A plain silver frame or one made of wood would be best.

Gift Certificates plus item

Many times the rules of white elephant gifts do not allow you to give gift certificates on their own so you will need to add something to them. Since gift certificates can cover a wide variety of people and tastes they are a good white elephant gift idea. So if you want to go this route include a small item that fits the theme of the gift certificate. Some ideas are: with a gift certificate for an Italian restaurant include some nice pasta and pasta sauce, with a gift certificate for Starbucks include a coffee mug, with a bookstore gift certificate you could include a small book, calendar or diary for the new year, you get the idea.


This is a pretty popular “safe” gift making it a good white elephant gift idea. Pick out some nicely scented candles or a large Yankee candle. Try not to pick something to exotic when it comes to the smell, to ensure that it is more appealing to most people.


These are useful items that most people will appreciate and the appeal to both sexes. Some people like to put CDs in their car or save space in their DVD collection, making one of these cases a great idea for a white elephant gift.

Lottery Tickets

Put together a collection of lottery tickets. Throw in a couple for your local lotto, a power ball draw if that is possible and a variety of scratch cards. The recipient will enjoy seeing if they win anything and there would be very few people who would not appreciate receiving this as a white elephant gift.

Nice Quality Pen

Ok you don’t have to get the most expensive Cross pen but they do make some nice pens for reasonable prices. There are also other pen makers that make good pens such as Fisher, Lamy, Parker and Spaulding. You may also want to throw in an inexpensive diary or some notepaper.

Bottle of Wine

Even though not all the guests will drink wine there will no doubt be someone in the room that would enjoy a nice bottle of wine that would be happy to trade for it. To get this white elephant gift idea head to your local wine shop, tell them your budget and ask for recommendations in your price range.

Baked Goods

Who doesn’t like receiving yummy homemade items. So for a good white elephant gift idea put together a basket of baked goods such as homemade cookies, cupcakes maybe even a pie. This is a great white elephant gift idea for someone that enjoys baking or doesn’t have a large gift budget.

Battery Re-Charger and Batteries

With so many people owning battery using equipment such as digital cameras this is a practical white elephant gift that anyone would like to receive. It is probably best to look for a Re-Charger the takes both AA and AAA sized batteries, the most common sizes. Make sure not to just give the battery charge, include a few re-chargeable batteries as well. Otherwise it is kind of like receiving a battery operated toy for a gift without the batteries.

Car Wash Mop

This is a great practical white elephant gift idea. It will give people an easy simple way to wash their car whilst creating conversation amongst the guests trying to figure out what that the strange shaped gift is.

Minimalist wallet

Another great gift for someone is a minimalist wallet. Women and mens minimalist wallet always appears to be stylish and fashionable. It takes having a wallet to a higher level. This is more than just a useful gift, it is also practical and fashionable at the same time.


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