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10 Blockchain Ideas that are Yet to Unfold and Could Change the World

One of the biggest inventions in our modern generation is the blockchain technology since it was made popular almost a decade ago. Since its emergence, it has been the source of power of different and so many inventions that created a huge impact on earth. Some of the examples of these huge changes are the smart contracts and the Internet of Things. 

However, there are some areas of the human creation and passion that are not yet influenced by the blockchain technology. But these areas are expected to be touched by the blockchain projects. With the continuous advancement and development of technology, it is not impossible that more ideas and inventions will be introduced to the humanity. While most of these may impact our society positively, it is unavoidable that there would also some negative aspects that people, especially those are engaged in the system must be prepared about. As such, in this article, you will be amazed by some of the interesting blockchain ideas that are considered to be out of this world yet or may change it. Knowing these things will allow you to be equipped with the right ideas and expectations towards the blockchain technology. 

CC Universe 

One of the expected projects in the blockchain realm. This change or project is expected to have a high impact on humanity in the coming future. In this idea, the developers are mainly focusing on the ATMs, electric car rentals, tiny houses and prototypes of innovative. The company has 3 part vision in this project. In the middle of 2019 and 2020, CCUniverse will keep their eyes on ATM programs and electric cars. Consequently, they will also invest a lot on their next agenda which is the prototype houses which are expected to be seen in 2020 to 2022.  

The Zero Carbon Project 

The Zero Carbon Project is another great platform that the humanity must expect in the future. This project will focus more on our environment. Since climate change has been a big issue of our society nowadays. The zero carbon project will allow our planet to have relief against the negative impact of humanity in the environment. This project aims to leverage the power of blockchain to solve the issue of climate change. This will be possible by allowing consumers to get their source of energy from renewable, nuclear and fossil fuels. 


Another blockchain technology that is yet to unfold is Uhive which is designed to enhance and ultimately boost our social networking sector. The main purpose of this project is to make a positive and engaging idea with the power to spark a huge social movement towards the betterment of our society. This blockchain project allows users to be connected with their family and friends. Moreover, this platform provides a venue for people to find their true interest and develop their skills and talents to the fullest. Uhive is expected to be a big game changer of our planet. 


Cinemadrom is a medium designed to make a huge change in the film production industry. One of the best things about this project is that it serves as an international blockchain network of independent filmmakers. As such, this will provide a huge support and foundation for filmmakers to put their ideas and talents into actual products – high quality films and movies. The main purpose of this platform is to support financially film products so they will be produced and distributed to the right audience. Just like any other technologies in our list, Cinemadrom is expected to be a game changer in the field of film-making. 


Bitjob is another amazing technology that can be very helpful in the field of employment. The main purpose of this idea is to connect over 500 million students with global industry leaders to create new revenue channels, new jobs and new business opportunities. This project will provide a lot of benefits to students. With this platform, it will be easier for students to achieve their own jobs without going through the keen competition in the industry. Since this is mainly designed for students, it will increase the leverage of the power of blockchain to support users find the right remuneration that match their skills and talents. 


This project will focus more on skill acquisition and education. The main purpose of this technology is to decrease the increasing unemployment in the world. With this project, employees will have a platform where they can develop their skills and boost their opportunities for better employment. As such, Odem will allow users to have access to a more verifiable, affordable, and accessible employment and education. With education being one of the major problems in our world, it is no doubt that Odem will be a huge help to address the problem. 


More than just knowing how and where to buy bitcoin, people should also be aware and be given information about the future of the digital currency. And one way to do that is through VibeHub. Basically, VibeHub is considered as the very first VR/AR marketplace on the blockchain system. With this technology, people can now have an amazing entertainment experience. With the high acceptance rate of people in the coming technologies today, it is no doubt that people will also accept this kind of technology. More than just entertaining, it is engaging and powerful. 


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